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Committed to deep processing of glass industry for many years
Dongguan Beihang Glass Co., Ltd. is a large glass deep processing enterprise, founded in 2013, the predecessor was established in 2011, the Shenzhen Ruifengda Glass Co., Ltd. The company invested in Hainan Beihang Glass Co., Ltd. in 2015. In 2017, the company invested in Dongguan Beihang surface engineering glass Co., Ltd., with a total area of about 20000 square meters and 12000 square meters of glass processing workshop. Dongguan Beihang Glass Co., Ltd. is located in Shatin Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, adjacent to Hongkong, Macao, Guangzhou and Zhuhai. It is close to Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway, Beijing Kowloon Railway, Xiamen Shenzhen railway, Baoan International Airport, Baiyun International Airport and Humen port. The geographical environment is superior and the traffic is very convenient.
The company has complete glass processing equipment, with full automatic computer glass cutting machine, multiple bilaterally grinding production lines, multiple vertical, horizontal drilling machines, special-shaped grinding machines, flat bending tempered glass production lines, hollow glass automatic production line, laminated glass production line, automatic curved glass production line.
The company specializes in the production and processing of building engineering glass. The main products are: flat bending steel glass series products, hyperbolic surface and multi surface hot bending glass series, hollow glass series products (including LOW-E hollow), laminated glass series products and color glazed glass series products.
Adhering to the value concept of "achieving value for employees, improving the performance for the company, creating satisfaction for the customers and carrying on the responsibility for the society", the company has trained a large number of high-quality staff and gathered a large number of professional technicians in glass production.
Through CCC certification, the company was named "high-tech enterprise" in 2017. It has advanced production line and accurate testing equipment. The product is well sold at home and abroad with its good quality, reasonable price and fast service.
Advanced production line and precise testing equipment
Create satisfaction for customers, for the community to bear the responsibility

Northern Glass Manufacturers not only good price, but also the transport speed other manufacturers can not be achieved, and the customized service is also doing well in place.

Feedback: Our business centers are in Northern customized glass, the glass can be customized according to the need of our own requirements, this very humane. Timber quality, technology is also doing we

Product quality assurance: the company produces various types of glass products, all in accordance with the standards of different countries or companies to provide phase Should quality assurance.

Case: We have specialized designers, each product is designed by Northern glass molding process, the quality and processing of our glass designer Northern say particularly good, worthy of long-term coo
The company has achieved ISO9001 certification, the product also received CCC certification
Main products : Tempered Glass,Heat Strengthened Glass,Hot Curved Glass and Curved Tempered Glass,Heat Soak Test,Laminated Glass,Insulated Glass Unit,Glazing glass,First generation energy saving (LOW-E) glass,Second generation energy saving (LOW-E) glass
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